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Birthing Butterflies, One Cocoon at a Time

Metamorfosize was born in a time of great Change and Uncertainty, to transform the way we relate to

Change, Death, and the Unknown.


Why fear things that are natural, inevitable aspects of human life? Why fear that, which helps us grow?

Thus began our mission to heal this dysfunctional relationship with Change, and assist in the Transformation of mankind.


Are you ready to shed your Cocoon, and embrace your inner Butterfly?

If so, come join us as we 'Metamorfosize' the world by birthing Butterflies, one Cocoon at a time. 

And it starts with you.

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Registration is now OPEN for Dreamers' Lab: CATERPILLAR, happening March 27!

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2 hours before the event begins, the Magic Password will become available to registered attendees. Once you have it, you can enter The Lab right below!

More information:

If you have enjoyed your experience at Dreamers' Lab, kindly consider donating to the Metamorfosize Project to help us continue creating these platforms for gifts to be shared and received.


Our revenue goes into communal funds and is distributed among active community members and event contributors, many of whom are artists who have been adversely impacted by the global pandemic. Your support goes a long way in enabling them to continue creating and giving, for which we are immensely grateful <3

limited edition merch

 On Sale until 25 April 2021 

We now have limited edition Dreamers' Lab: CATERPILLAR Merch on sale for a limited time only! Check them out on our Store through the link below.


what we do

We have two primary offerings: Dreamers' Lab and Shadow Work Sunday.

Dreamers' Lab is a monthly 24-hour virtual event featuring art, music, dance, healing, conversations, collaborations, and more. We are always open to collaborating with individuals and other communities whose values are aligned with our own :)

Shadow Work Sunday is a regular weekly circle where we focus on Shadow Work, share experiences, and engage in heart-based relating. It takes place at 2 different timings every Sunday (Monday for those in Asia-Pacific).

Click on either one below to find out more :)

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what they say

Below are some of the things our artists and past event attendees have expressed about their experience with us :) feel free to add your own by clicking the "Add Testimonial" button!


about us

We are a community of Creators, Thinkers, and Healers who seek to help birth a new Earth, one where Change, Death, and the Unknown are not feared, but embraced as natural, inevitable aspects of the human experience.


Through events, activities and workshops that promote Creativity, Collaboration, and Personal Growth, we seek to dispel the global addiction to Stability, Certainty, and 'Being Right', and empower every individual to 'Metamorfosize' into the Butterflies that they were always meant to become.

We believe in a holistic approach, and have designed our Offerings such that Transformation happens at all levels:

Thought, Speech, and Action.

We invite you to be part of our journey, and assist us in birthing Butterflies, one cocoon at a time :)

Starting with you.

Read more about our Story, and our Guiding Principles, through the links below, and meet our Core Team just beyond that! :)


our core team

These are the primary drivers and decision makers behind the project, who take care of the social media, marketing, business, and management aspects of the organization.


It's a very organic, fluid template based on love and joy, everyone is only asked to give whatever excites them to give, and in that effortless way we try to utilize whatever comes to us naturally, to complement the team as a whole.


 Most of the core team also participate in our events as artists and workshop facilitators, and choose to commit additional time into the back-end work that makes our events possible. For that, the community is ever grateful :)

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Valencia Selestina


Founder, Artistic Director, Project Manager, Lead Designer, Social Media Manager

Valencia founded the Metamorfosize Project in May 2020, kind of by "accident", and has consistently served in a leadership capacity with regards to the creative, organizational, and production aspects of the project. She enjoys bringing people together and empowering all individuals to be the Gifts that they all are :)

She is also a multidisciplinary visual and performing artist, and enjoys collaborating with fellow creators as part of Metamorfosize events.



Grant Bosnick


Music Director

Grant came onboard the Metamorfosize team after experiencing its magic in Oct 2020. Since then, Grant has been an active, committed member of the community, constantly providing ideas to improve our operations, and networking with strategic partners to maximize our potential.

Grant is also a professional musician, composer, producer and percussionist who enjoys performing and collaborating as part of Metamorfosize events.



Ejuku Mark


Resident Cheerleader and Party/Jam-starter

Ejuku has been a staunch, consistent presence in our community since he joined us in September 2020, and never failed to bring positivity to the group with his contagious exuberance and natural "cheerleading" talents. He is interested in finding solutions to ensure the financial sustainability of the project, and to find ways for the community to support its members during these difficult times.

Catch Ejuku and his percussion magic in our upcoming events!





Spreadsheet King

Azzupa is our resident Spreadsheet master, who manages our event schedules and make them presentable for public consumption. Despite being a recent addition to the Core Team, Azzupa is full of great ideas and has consistently shown himself to be a reliable and capable team member, whose presence and support have been invaluable.


He is also known for his highly original workshops, as well as his festive costumes and dramatic smoke machines! 

(not on IG)


Kristina Jackson


Mailing List Coordinator, Secretary

Kristina came onboard in Dec 2020 and has been an absolute rockstar! Despite being new to the project, she gladly took on Mailing List duties and provides secretarial assistance during our meetings, which has been incredibly helpful. 

Kristina is also a musician who writes and produces her own music, and enjoys performing and collaborating in Metamorfosize events.



Adrienn Juhasz


Arts Contributor, Shadow Work Sunday Lead

Adrienn Juhasz is a Hungarian visual artist and the creatrix of the Inner Goddess paintings. Her mission in life to help women to feel more empowered in their body and to connect with their Inner Goddess.

Adrienn has contributed beautifully to the project with her drawings and design work, and actively assists in the planning and facilitation of our Shadow Work Sunday sessions.



Maynard Wong


Digital Marketing Consultant

Despite his very busy schedule, Maynard believes strongly in the vision of the Metamorfosize Project, and generously shares his knowledge and expertise on Digital Marketing whenever his time allows.

Maynard is also a tarot coach and dance performer who actively contributes his Gifts as part of Metamorfosize events.



Rainbow (Toni N.)


Shadow Work Sunday Lead, General Consultant

Rainbow came onboard in November 2020 after experiencing the magic of Metamorfosize, and has been a steadfast, reliable presence in our community. She engages actively in our decision-making processes and is one of the lead contributors in our Shadow Work Sunday series.

Although Rainbow is primarily an intuitive healer, she has been exploring her creative side with other artists in the community, often in the form of poetry, It's always such a delight to witness creators stepping into their power!





Video and Multimedia Content Creator

Despite being the newest addition to the Metamorfosize Core Team, Go has displayed a strong drive and desire to contribute to the community, most notably in the area of Video editing and Content Creation. He is full of ideas and enthusiasm and we are thrilled to have him onboard!


Go is also a talented storyteller, singer, and musician and generously shares his gifts in Metamorfosize events and beyond. Go is also actively involved with our partner community, the Co-Reality Collective 



Luciana Musumeci


Communications Consultant, Shadow Work Sunday Lead

Luciana has years of experience in the Design field, and contributes her knowledge and expertise in the design of our promotional materials. She is also one of the lead contributors in our Shadow Work Sunday series, bringing her holistic health knowledge to those who seek it.

Luciana is also a dancer, and has performed many times in Metamorfosize events, often in collaboration with other artists.



past creations

We've been organizing various types of virtual events (concerts, workshops, festivals) since May 2020. Below are some of our past projects. Click on any of them to learn more.

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Many of the above are "umbrella" events within which many smaller events (workshops, performances, etc) took place. To see the full list of these individual events, click below.


support our vision

If you resonate with our vision and what we stand for, and would like to help us continue serving as a platform for Creativity, Healing, and Transformation, here are some of the ways in which you can support us.

Contribute your Gifts

Do you have Gift(s) / Talent(s) / Expertise that would be well-suited to our offerings in promoting Creativity, Healing, and Transformation?

If so, we'd love to connect with you! If there is a call-out for an upcoming event that is currently open, we advise you to apply that way. Otherwise, you may apply through this form:

Donate / Be a Member

You can choose to make a one-time donation, or become a member (with monthly / annual subscription fees) and enjoy access to our Exclusive Content Library!

The Exclusive Content Library is where you get to watch past recordings of our events. Membership starts at $9/month ($99/year).

You can also obtain free memberships for limited time periods by being an Active Contributor in our events, or by completing special tasks :)

Get Merch!

We also have an online Merchandise store where you can purchase exclusive Metamorfosize apparel, home decor, stationery, and more! Every month, we create limited-edition merchandise based on that month's Dreamers' Lab theme. If you like a particular month's design, make sure you grab them before it's too late!

All our earnings are funneled directly into the Operational Costs involved in organizing our events and maintaining our community, and get distributed among active community members as outlined in our Profit Distribution Model.

Many of our community members are artists who have been severely impacted by the global pandemic, so your support goes a long way in enabling these artists to continue surviving and creating :)

For that, we are deeply thankful for all your contributions, no matter how large or small, and we hope to continue bringing you quality content and experiences that enrich your lives <3

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