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play & connect with new amazing friends from across the globe

Embark on a week-long virtual adventure which combines immersive escape-room game-play and the festival experience into one exciting package, brought to you in celebration of the Metamorfosize Project's 1-year anniversary!

you will get to enjoy...

  • Live Mixed-Reality Gaming

  • Immersive Role-Play

  • Escape Room Experience

  • Live Music & Performance Art

  • Art & Music Jams

  • Transformational Workshops

  • Facilitated Networking

  • Dance Parties

  • Co-creation Opportunities

Bond with people and make new friends online 
As you complete quests and share special moments together, you'll be surprised by the depth and quality of those connections!

Be seen as you are

In our global community we encourage authentic, radical self-expression. Be celebrated in your uniqueness, and develop greater self-confidence.



"This is the closest to a "live event" that I have ever experienced in a virtual event."

— jeremy, usa (artist)

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Make sure you get a ticket that corresponds to your Guild element 🍀💧🔥🌀


You can also participate as a Guest, and simply attend the festival without playing the game...but you'll be missing out on a ton of fun and new amazing connections (wouldn't that be a waste?).

find your guild

In this game, you exist within a Chrysalis-world at the precipice of transformation into the prosperous, golden Butterfly era. The Chrysalis-world is missing just one key ingredient to complete the transformation process: The Philosopher's Stone!

To play, you must join one of the four Elemental Guilds as an Alchemist. Each Guild has special tasks to fulfill to find and activate the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which hasn't been seen in centuries.

As an Alchemist, you get to:

Make new friends right off the bat

Access special Guild-only spaces

Use Guild-specific Zoom virtual backgrounds

Find out which Guild you belong to using the quiz below:


Note that ALL prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

( SGD 10  = approx. USD 7.5 /  EUR 6 )

Super Early Bird / Early Bird / At the Door

only 100 available, up to 9 May / 9-23 May / 23 May onwards

weekday guest

(non-Gaming ticket)


  • Access to events from 23-27 May ONLY

weekend guest

(non-Gaming ticket)

$15 / $30 / $40

  • Access to events ONLY (game not included)



(Gaming ticket)

$25 / $40 / $50

  • Access to ALL events from 23-30 May

  • Join the Escape Room / Game experience

  • Get special Zoom virtual backgrounds for your Elemental Group

alchemist (gold)

(Gaming ticket)

$50 / $70 / $85

  • Access to ALL events from 23-30 May

  • Join the Escape Room / Game experience

  • Get special Zoom virtual backgrounds for your Elemental Group

  • Watch replays (available for 30 days)

  • Join our special invite-only after-party 

Refunds are possible up to 48 hours before the festival begins on 23 May.

Tickets bought from 21 May onwards are non-refundable.

Limited VOLUNTEER spots available in exchange for Alchemist tickets, for those who want to join the game but are not in the position to pay. More details here.

event schedule

The first batch of events has just been released! Check it out here:

private sessions

Get a private session with an artist / facilitator of your choice, at a cheaper rate than you would typically find outside of the festival. This could be a private tarot reading, a custom art / performance experience, a relationship coaching session, and more!

Check out the menu of offerings:

limited edition merch

Be a proud owner of these special Alchemy-themed merch, available for a limited time only! Pick your favorite Element (or color) and choose from a wide selection of merch options -- home decor, apparel, stationery, gifts, and more.

Get your merch at 20% off if you purchase before 23 May 😉

*Merch for sale only until 7 June 2021.

special thanks

Listed below are the superheroes behind Alchemy -- the organizers, experience designers, tech specialists, project managers, advisors, and others who do much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes that make this event possible.
We would like to give special recognition to these individuals for the time, energy, expertise, and resources they have contributed to this event, for none of these would have been possible without them 💗

For the full list of contributors, click here (more to be added soon):

valencia profile photo.jpg

Valencia Selestina


Lead Event Producer, Project Manager, Artistic Director


Space Princess

united states

Experience Designer, Copywriter



united states

Assistant Project Manager, Game Facilitator

visit website

gavin fowler _ kumquat

Gavin Fowler


Dance Floor DJ Coordinator, Game Facilitator



united states

Game Facilitator


Grant Bosnick


Music Director, Show and Jam Producer



united states

Puzzle Designer

pablo aramoni

Pablo de Larrañaga Aramoni 


Puzzle Designer, Game Facilitator

ets artist - rainbow.jpg

Rainbow (Toni N.)

united states

Safety and Consent Lead, Game Facilitator

Azzurro Burner



Spreadsheet King, Tech Ninja


Alexandros Lysios


Guide, Experience Designer, Tech Consultant


Zander Ayeroff

united states

Experience Designer, Unidentified Flying Host


Maynard Wong


Social Media Outreach, Digital Marketing Consultant

gigi gallaway


united states

Marketing Assistant, Game Facilitator




Resident Cheerleader and Jam-starter