volunteer & play!

We believe that energy exchange does not only come in the form of money, and we welcome those who wish to contribute their time & energy to support the festival in exchange for access to the experience. This way, we hope that nobody is excluded from participating due to financial concerns.

Becoming a volunteer not only gives you access to the festival, but it is also an excellent opportunity to learn the ins and outs of producing virtual festivals, and upgrade your Zoom skills to the next level!

You will also get discounted rates for the next event organized by the Metamorfosize Festival.

Below are the roles which we need volunteers for:

Reception / Gatekeeper

Tech Support

The exchange we ask for is as follows:


1 hour/day over 8 days (or 2 hours/day over 4 days)

1 x "Alchemist (Basic)" ticket

(you get to access the whole festival, and join the game)

2 hours/day over 8 days (or 4 hours/day over 4 days)

1 x "Alchemist (Gold)" ticket
(you get all the above, watch replays, AND join our invite-only after-party!)



All selected volunteers MUST attend at least one pre-event training, which will be conducted on Zoom 2-3 days before the start of the festival.

The service you will provide as Volunteers is incredibly important to the smooth running of the festival, and as such we take the Volunteer application process seriously. We seek those whom we can trust to serve with competence, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of responsibility.


 Spots are limited,  so if you want to volunteer, make sure you apply today!

Application deadline:

Tuesday 18 May, 11.59pm UTC (12.59am UK)