24 hours of immersive art, music, dance, healing, conversations, parties, and more!

When the event goes live, you can enter Dreamers' Lab anytime through the button above, and keying in the Magic Password. If you have not registered, do so now!


The magic Password will arrive in your inbox 2 hours before the event starts ;)

If this is your first time experiencing Dreamers' Lab, click below to learn more about some very IMPORTANT information that would help you navigate the event :)

After the magic and all-around awesomeness that was SOULstice (Dec '20), we decided to launch a new monthly offering called Dreamers' Lab - an open invitation to all who Dare to Dream Big, who are ready to take that first step to put their Dreams into Action, who want to use their Gifts and Talents to inspire other Dreamers to do the same :)

Every month, a unique theme is chosen as the focal point of that month's offerings.

For February 2021, the chosen theme is YIN YANG, in relation to the number '2' and its association with concepts such as Duality, Polarities, Balance, etc.


With this theme, we'd like to invite everyone to contemplate the ways in which seemingly opposite / contradictory elements interact with each other and create balance, both within and outside of ourselves. If you are tasked to create a mirror image of yourself, which is your polar opposite in all ways, how would they be like?

If these ideas excite you, Register to attend, or better yet - Be a Contributor!

yin yang - bg rectangle.png

event schedule

The Live event schedule is now available! Check it out and start planning your weekend :)

Spreadsheet version will be available on Friday 26 Feb.

be a contributor

Do you have a Gift you would like to share, and be part of Dreamers' Lab: YIN YANG?

Does the idea of meeting new people and collaborating with them EXCITE you?

Do you seek to be part of a community of Creators who INSPIRE and EMPOWER one another, who understand the importance of PLAY, and actively work towards building a better world?

If those questions make you go "HELL YES!", then do apply! 

We are especially looking for:

Creative interpretations of "Yin Yang"

Live Performances of All Kinds (no pre-recordings)

Interactive Activities

Workshops & Talks on Personal Growth & Transformation

Proposals for Creative Collaborations


If your application is accepted, you'll be part of an international line-up of amazing artists, healers, and event creators who not only dream about a better world, but also actively manifest those dreams into life! It is an excellent opportunity to expand your networks and take your work to the next level ;)


Submit your ideas through the form below.

Application deadline:

Sunday 21 Feb, 11.59pm / 2359hrs UK (GMT)

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highlight: show & jam

The main highlight of Dreamers' Lab is "Show & Jam!", which takes place at 3 different times throughout the event, and will feature the following:

Featured Artists' Performances

Birthday Parties (of the month)

Open Jam

This means that if you're a February baby, you wouldn't want to miss this! You have 3 opportunities to have your birthday celebrated ;) Find out more by clicking below:

our partners

In the spirit of Collaboration and Co-creation, we have three awesome collectives / communities who are partnering with us for this month's Dreamers' Lab, just like they did last month :) they are:


Hug Nation


Founded by John Styn (Halcyon)

photo jan 16, 9 20 55 am.jpg

Co-Reality Collective

uk & usa

Co-founded by Ed Cooke and 100+ artists

These collectives / communities have been doing great work in their own ways, and despite the diversity in our creations, we are aligned in many of our basic values and ideas of what we want to bring into this New Earth.

As such, you will see offerings from these communities on top of our own, and have the opportunity to connect with a vast network of like-minded souls :) in a time where many are isolated, we hope to offer a space for Connection, Creativity, and Healing for all of you Dreamers out there <3

Find out more about our Partners by clicking their respective images above.

yin yang - bg square.png

limited edition merch

Dreamers' Lab: YIN YANG merch is now available!


Every month, special merch specific to that month's Dreamers' Lab becomes available for a limited time. From apparel, to home decor, to stationery, there is plenty to choose from to gift yourself and your loved ones!

Get this special merch at 10% reduced price until 1 March 2021.

On sale until 21 March 2021.

our contributors

Listed below are the Primary Contributors of Dreamers' Lab: YIN YANG -- the organizers, tech specialists, project managers, room leads, and others who do much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. We would like to give special recognition to these individuals for the time and energy they have gifted for this event, for none of these would have been possible without them <3

Check out the full list of contributors by clicking the button below.

valencia profile photo.jpg

Valencia Selestina


Lead Event Producer, Project Manager, Artistic Director




Spreadsheet King


Adrienn Juhasz


Design Contributor, Multimedia Assist

Rose portrait sarangi - Dorthe Rose Ishv

Rose Svastha


Artistic Director for Metamorphogenetic Temple


Grant Bosnick


Music Director

soulstice cast - kristina.jpeg

Kristina Jackson

united states

Mailing List & Communications Lead

ets artist - rainbow.jpg

Rainbow (Toni N.)

united states

Safety and Consent Lead


John Styn (Halcyon)

united states

Founder of Hug Nation

Jaime Edelis

Jaime Edelis (Barcelonina)


Founder of and Project Manager for Urban Playa




Video & Multimedia Content Creator

Laura Wolfe

Laura Wolfe

united kingdom

Creative Director of the Moon Lodge


Pearl Pospiech

united states

Artistic Director for Pearl's Place


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