how to access

Here are the basic things you need to access the festival:

A computer/laptop (preferred), a tablet, or mobile phone

The latest version of Zoom installed

Stable internet connection

Earphones/headphones (for best experience)

Google Chrome browser is needed to access the Map

If you have all of the above, you should be just fine! Below you will find step-by-step information on how you can access and navigate Dreamers' Lab :)

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step 1: register

The first thing you have to do is REGISTER for your event ticket :) there are various pricing tiers to accommodate different needs, with a free option available. Note that the free ticket option will stop becoming available when the event starts! Register through the link below.

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step 2: check email

Once you are registered, you should receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL from Eventbrite.

Make sure you SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM of this email for important information that you absolutely must not miss ;)

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step 3: update zoom

It's VERY IMPORTANT that you update your Zoom client to the LATEST version, to have the best Dreamers' Lab experience possible. Whichever device you plan to use to enjoy Dreamers' Lab, make sure Zoom is updated to the latest version on that device. If you're not sure how to do this, click below and find out.

It is recommended that you use a computer to navigate Dreamers' Lab, but tablets and mobile phones work fine as well :)

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step 4: schedule

There is a great selection of performances, workshops, and other offerings throughout the entire 24 hours of Dreamers' Lab, and you will often have several different things happening at the same time.

If you are the spontaneous type, you can simply jump in to Dreamers' Lab and check out what's going on right then :) our Receptionists will help you get sorted.

If you like to plan, you can check out our Event Schedule when it becomes available (usually about 5 days before the festival starts) :) you will have the option to add specific events to your calendar for even easier planning!

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step 5: event radio

The EVENT RADIO is a Telegram channel where we will post event updates and reminders (i.e. in 15mins we will have events X, Y, and Z!). Only important announcements will be posted there, so you will not be bombarded with irrelevant chatter :)

We recommend that you join our Event Radio to get updates during the event day. We might have spontaneous performances and offerings coming our way on the day itself, and the only way you will find out about it (outside of being in the Zoom call itself) will be through the Radio.

Subscribe to the Event Radio using the link below on your Telegram-enabled device(s):

Note that Telegram has a WEB / DESKTOP client available, and unlike Whatsapp it does not have to be synced to a phone app, so you can use Telegram even without having it on your phone :) find out more below.

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step 6: livestreams

Before and during the event, we will be doing several Livestreams featuring the various artists and facilitators who will be contributing content as part of Dreamers' Lab. These are excellent opportunities for you to meet the people involved, find out what's on offer, and figure out whose activities you'd like to check out (because there are so many options!)

Follow our Facebook Page through the link below.

Make sure that your notifications are SWITCHED ON so you will be notified whenever we go live. Not sure how to do this? Find out how below.

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step 7: get access

2 hours before the event, you will receive the following in your Email:


Access link & password for The Lab

Access link for The Map

You can may enter the event through either The Lab or The Map.

If you registered anytime from 2 hours before the event onwards, you will receive the above access information at the bottom of your Eventbrite confirmation email.

Make sure you watch out for that confirmation email!

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step 8: enter!

Once you have the access information, you are ready to enter Dreamers' Lab! :) 

When the Dreamers' Lab gates open, you will be able to access The Lab's Zoom link from any of the following locations:

The Metamorfosize Home Page

The Dreamers' Lab Landing Page

Your Calendar

(if you added any of the events into your calendar)

Your Email

(once you have registered)

All these links are password-protected. Make sure you remember that password :)

The Map link will ONLY be sent to registered attendees via email, and not publicly accessible from the website. Be sure you watch out for that email!

Read on to find out more about what you'll find upon entering The Lab and The Map.

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the lab

The Lab is the main Dreamers' Lab Zoom room, which is our main Event Space.


You can access the Lab from any device which has Zoom installed (preferably a computer/laptop for best experience). Make sure your Zoom app is UPDATED to the latest version!

Upon entering the Lab, you will be greeted by our Fairy Guides, who serve as a Reception/Info Desk of sorts throughout the entire 24-hour festival. Our Fairy Guides can help to address any tech / logistical / scheduling questions you may have, to make sure you have a great experience at the event :)


Most of our events take place in Breakout Rooms within The Lab, while others take place in External Spaces. You are free to navigate all these spaces on your own, or you can request assistance from our Fairy Guides if you're not sure how to do this.

To access events taking place outside The Lab, read on below to find out how you can use The Map, courtesy of our partners at Sparkle Labs.

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the map

The Map is a visual representation of the festival space, just like a map in a real-life festival. The various event venues, including The Lab, will be displayed as clickable icons on the map, and you are free to travel between these venues as you please :)

To access the Map, you need to use a computer/laptop, and the Google Chrome browser. Unfortunately the Map does not function very well on mobile/tablets, and does not work on any other browser.

Upon accessing the Map, you will be asked to create an account on the Sparkle interface. All you need is an email address and a password. Once your account is created, you can select a username and profile photo, and voila! The Map is ready for you to explore :)

If at any time you feel lost and confused, you can go to The Lab and seek out our Fairy Guides for help :) Check out the video tutorial below for more details.

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event venues

There are various venues within Dreamers' Lab, each with its own character and intention -- for workshops, for performances, for dancing, for socializing, etc. Some of these venues are Breakout Rooms within The Lab, others are External Spaces.


These are the Breakout Rooms:

The Stage

The Garden

The Cafe

The Temple

Urban Playa

These are the External Spaces:

Hug Nation

The Forest

The Moon Lodge

The Club

Pearl's Place

On top of these, we also have some unhosted Breakout Rooms (Lounges) where there are no scheduled events. These spaces are intended as free, unregulated extra spaces for people to chat and have small discussions outside of the scheduled activities.

Read more about the various event venues here.

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If you have any other questions that we have not addressed in this page, feel free to email us at metamorfosize@gmail.com.

If you have yet to register, make sure you do so through the button below.


We look forward to co-creating Dreamers' Lab with you!