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After the amazing experience that was the Metamorfosize Concert and Workshops in May 2020, some of the artists decided to continue creating together and initiating more projects. Thus in late Aug - early September, a call out for artists was made for the next project, "Embracing the Shadow".

The idea was to focus on the "Shadow" aspects of humanity, and to invite artists to create artistic interpretations of this theme, which then hopefully highlights this subject for those who witness these creations and invite others to engage in their own forms of Shadow Work.

It became quickly apparent that this would be an entirely different project from the "Metamorfosize" concert, although the original intent was to do something similar - gather international artists to collaborate and present creative interpretations for a specific theme. Many of the original timelines and plans were changed completely to adapt to the new circumstances and evolving nature of virtual events.


Instead of doing a series of virtual concerts for a limited time period, we ended up creating a framework for an entirely novel virtual experience, one that allows the audience to control their experience and co-create interactively with the artists, rather than giving them a passive watching experience. This framework evolved into what became SOULstice, and now Dreamers' Lab.

In that sense, the "Embracing the Shadow" project unintentionally became a 'testing ground' of sorts for us to develop an event format that we are finally happy with. Despite it being a 'testing ground', we nonetheless produced several performance-art showcases and a series of workshops, which you can find out more about below.

Below are the many artists and workshop facilitators who contributed to our Embracing the Shadow series during the September - November 2020 period. Click on any of the photos for more information :) These are presented in reverse alphabetical order.

Below are the workshops that were organized as part of the "Embracing the Shadow" series between 21 Sept 2020 - 4 Oct 2020, presented in chronological order. For more information on these, please check out our Past Events Library.

Although the original intention was to produce virtual concerts themed "Embracing the Shadow", we instead created something more akin to an immersive / interactive art experiences, with breakout rooms that people can choose from, and an Open Jam session at the end where all are invited to co-create with our artists.

These elements continue to form the foundations of our current events, though it has since evolved in many ways. Previously, the 'concerts' and workshops were conducted separately, Now, it's all combined into one long 24-hour monthly 'festival' that "Dreamers' Lab" has become, with the performance art segments being named "Show & Jam!" within Dreamers' Lab.

Here is a video taken from one of our event attendees of their experience in the Dungeon, one of our breakout room experiences.

And below is a video taken from one of our Open Jams, which ended up becoming really funny!

You can experience this magic by checking out one of our upcoming Dreamers' Lab events :)