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"I was honored to be invited and participate with a visual artist at one of the most uplifting live concerts...try it out, the music and artists are out of this world!l!!!" - Adrianna Nailah, Peru


That was the latest review we received from an enthusiastic event-goer for our 7 November event! Read the full review here.


What makes it so special, you wonder?

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breakout rooms & interactive art

Well, for starters, it’s nothing like your typical live-streamed concert where you just sit back, relax, and watch. Here, you get a selection of breakout rooms to choose from, and you can travel between them at will — which means YOU control your experience, YOU follow what excites you, and no one will have the exact same experience!

This was a TOTAL HIT — audience members enjoyed the thrill of discovering unexpected surprises contained within each room, curious to check out all of them before the timer runs out. From tarot card readings, to interactive live painting, to improv jam spaces - whether you're in the mood to be a passive observer or an active co-creator, there is something for everyone!

One of these breakout rooms was called The Dungeon, a social experiment where participants could not see each other (videos had to be switched off) and were not allowed to speak in English. People got really creative and the results of this experiment were hilarious! Check out a short snippet of it below, sent to us by one of the event participants.

highlight 2:

international art collaborations, 100% live 

Our community spans across 6 continents and our project is heavily focused on enabling international collaborations, especially between different art forms. Each event offers a unique selection of artists and a 100% live experience - nothing is pre-recorded, except for audio and video materials that serve as accompaniment to specific live performances.


Many of the performances you will get to see are also 100% improvised, and some are even collaborative improvisations between multiple people! Nothing is exactly the same twice, and you get to witness not only the results of art creation, but also the process.

Below are the artists who will be part of the upcoming 21 Nov event (subject to changes). Click on any of the artists' photos for more information.

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open jam

And finally, we end off with an OPEN JAM,  a big party where all (artists and audience members alike) are invited to share their art, co-create, and play. Last time, we had musicians jamming, dancers grooving, artists painting, funky costumes — all kinds of cultures and art forms blending together in one big virtual dance floor.

Check out what happened during one of our Premiere Launch events a few weeks ago!

guest artist:

ekta singapura

For the first time ever, we have a guest artist joining us, Ekta Singapura! This group consists of Singapore-based professional dancers who are passionate about combining modern contemporary dance with traditional Asian dance disciplines.

Ekta Singapura is a unique tribe of artistes with multidisciplinary dance training and diverse movement backgrounds such as contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip hop, breakdancing, Silat, yoga, fitness, bungee, pole, aerial, mime, clowning, fire and light spinning, etc. Ekta's very first performance was well received in the epic Burning Man festival in August 2018 in the USA. Since then, Ekta's shows have been in demand locally! They did a showcase for Zoukout, Asian Civilization museum, One Altitude, etc. Ekta also performed in Wonderfruit Festival 2019.

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Get the best prices by buying your tickets early!

All tickets are refundable up to 24 hours before event time.

To get your tickets, click the "REGISTER NOW!" button below, and you will be directed to Eventbrite.

Despite the widespread availability of free online concerts these days, we believe strongly in cultivating a culture where artists are rewarded for the work they do, just like any other profession. Therefore, we are making this a ticketed event. The profits we earn will be distributed fairly among the artists involved.

However, we also acknowledge the fact that many people have been severely affected financially due to the global pandemic crisis, and that the ticket prices may be inaccessible to audience members in less affluent countries.


Therefore, we have devised several ways in which you may obtain a ticket for FREE. Keep scrolling for more information on our free ticket giveaways.



Once you are registered, you will receive an email with a link to access our "Online Event Page", which will direct you to our Zoom Call when the event has begun.

Note that you need to have an Eventbrite account in order to access the Online Event Page. If you already have an Eventbrite account, make sure you register for your ticket using the same email address as the account. 


We will send a Google Calendar invite with the Zoom link to registered attendees a few hours before the event, so for those who don't have an Eventbrite account (and do not want to have one), you will be able to access the event this way. This will also enable you to set notifications and reminders to ensure that you attend the event on time.

Note that you might not receive a Google Calendar invite if you register too last minute.

If you need any additional assistance, please email us at metamorfosize@gmail.com


Unfortunately, there will be NO POST-EVENT REPLAYS; the interactivity and immersive nature of this event means that it must be experienced live. If you miss it, you will have to wait until the next event to check it out. 

Tickets can be refunded up to 24 hours before the event. Simply go to Eventbrite to request one.

be on time!

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artist pass

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In our bid to support and encourage artistry and creationship in all its different forms, we have created the Artist Pass program, which gives free access to up to 5 different artists per event. You do NOT have to be a paid professional to apply, but you do need to show a portfolio of some sort (social media, website, etc) where we can have a look at your work :) 

We are not looking for any specific type of art. Whether you are a writer, a dancer, a woodworker, or even a baker, you are welcome to apply! All you need to do is to fill up the form below:

free ticket giveaways

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