Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May | ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

[BASIC] - Elevating my own personal Sacred Spaces | Omsira Barry

Alchemising sacred energies into a Living Energy Temple. Usual price: SGD 80 (save up to $50!)
[BASIC] - Elevating my own personal Sacred Spaces | Omsira Barry

Time & Location

Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May
ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

About the Event

✨ Creating sacred spaces is based on building a heart-based, symbiotic relationship with nature and her natural laws, it is to designate a single spot in the home to only your spirit. A sacred space may not appear on traditional blueprints, but having a place where you can go to connect with yourself and the Earth is as crucial as any other room in your home.   

Your sacred space should serve as the place where -  

.: you leave behind the chaos of the world and go inward to heal and restore the mind-body-spirit. 

.: you go about the rejuvenation of your spirit. 

.: you can give yourself the chance to communicate with your higher self. 

.: you align back to yourself, in relation to universal law and cosmic principles, using spiritual tools and energetic technologies.    

🌈 Elevating your sacred space is to finetune the antennae to communicate with the vibrational world of subtle energies. Temples, sacred places are where we and the universe can enter into intimate dialogue with spirit.   

In this one-on-one private session, I will support you in -  

.: creating a sacred space if you do not have one, or elevate your current one. 

.: looking into how to revitalize your daily spiritual practice, by rejuvenating your sacred space. 

.: customising how to prepare self and sacred heart before going into, during practice and leaving your sacred space. 

.: being a co-creator in maintaining harmonic resonance of your sacred space, temple - a resonant environment for connecting, manifesting, and healing.   

🌙 Things to prepare - 

.: the ability to move your camera to share and show your current spaces. 

.: crystals, sacred tools and objects you already have that you would like to include or use in your sacred space, temple. 

.: candles, incense(or essential oils) and flowers, if available.   

🌟There are many ways to create a sacred space. For some people, that may mean opening an area for a sacred altar, while for others it might just be a meditation pillow in a serene area of your home, or a spot outside that feels tranquil to you.   

Over time, when you go to the same place to do prayers, meditate, or do whatever healing work that speaks to you, there’s an energy that builds up. The space embodies a living quality, a lightness and coherent presence.    

I look forward to meeting you and co-creating with you! 💞 

✨We are Divine Light Beings having an energetic experience.

More about this offering: https://www.facebook.com/events/484511585938130

DURATION: 45 mins


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Timing options (in UTC):

Thu 27 May, 11am-2pm UTC

Thu 27 May, 3-6pm UTC

Mon 31 May, 12am-6.30am UTC

Timing options (in facilitator's local time - Singapore time [GMT+8]):

Thu 27 May, 7pm-10pm SGT

Thu 27 May, 11pm - Fri 28 May, 2am SGT

Mon 31 May, 8am-2.30pm SGT

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