Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May | ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

[BASIC] - Starting a daily practice to understand & maintain the Energy Being that I am | Omsira Barry

Introducing energy medicine to promote the Radiant Self. Usual price: SGD 80 (save up to $50!)
[BASIC] - Starting a daily practice to understand & maintain the Energy Being that I am | Omsira Barry

Time & Location

Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May
ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

About the Event

“In every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” 

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner   

✨ Medicine - which ignored the “energy body” for a century - is now validating that we are very much a complex electromagnetic field, immersed in other complex environmental, electromagnetic fields.   

A real paradigm shift is underway, with more scientific researchers (whether from Harvard or NASA) rapidly discovering that the body is indeed a complex biofield of electromagnetic frequencies and light waves that serve as “control central” for our physical and mental functioning. It’s definitely shaking up entrenched thinking in biology. They are also uncovering the ways that the entire world is electrodynamic: We’re surrounded by both natural - and increasingly man-made - frequencies that constantly change human cells.    

🌈 The medical, technology and wellness worlds are all innovating new tools to optimize the human energy body.   

“The future of medicine is understanding the crucial relationship between the material and ‘field’ aspects of the body, and adjusting human frequencies - and light, sound and electromagnetic interventions are crucial here - to prevent illness and boost health.” - future-forecasting consultancy Sputnik, who’ve researched the many new directions in energy medicine for years.   

In this one-on-one private session, I will support you in -  

.: experiencing your energetic body (bio-electric signals). 

.: identifying practices to reduce electromagnetic smog from electronic devices at home. 

.: discovering techniques you can already apply now, using vibration, light and sound as energy medicine to alleviate from dullness and negativity. 

.: hacking the mind and flowing into your positive states of being by using ancient and current vibratory methods. (if time permits)   

🌙 Things to prepare - 

.: an intention/focus for the session. 

.: the ability to move your camera to share and show your space. 

.: identifying and compiling a list of situations/conditions, where you have been experiencing negativity, dullness and in extreme cases, if any, anxiety. 

.: Hydrate sufficiently before, during and after the session, wear comfortable natural fibre clothing   

🌟Indigenous people have been the knowledge-keepers of energy medicine for centuries, even though the scientific community is now taking it seriously, we need to heed and learn to listen to the bio-electric language in our bodies now. The invisible will become visible, and energy medicine will become important in our everyday living.   

I look forward to meeting you and co-creating with you! 💞 

✨We are Divine Light Beings having an energetic experience.

More about this offering: https://www.facebook.com/events/213864033632725

DURATION: 45 mins


Get this as an Add-on to your festival ticket for a cheaper price (SGD 30). If you haven't registered, you can REGISTER HERE.

Otherwise, you can also get your festival ticket first, and book a private session later (SGD 45) via this link.

Timing options (in UTC):

Thu 27 May, 11am-2pm UTC

Thu 27 May, 3-6pm UTC

Mon 31 May, 12am-6.30am UTC

Timing options (in facilitator's local time - Singapore time [GMT+8]):

Thu 27 May, 7pm-10pm SGT

Thu 27 May, 11pm - Fri 28 May, 2am SGT

Mon 31 May, 8am-2.30pm SGT

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