Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May | ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

[PREMIUM] - Awenydd Shamanic Self-Healing | Katherine Creuynni

Working with the pysche for emotional, mental, soul and physical and ecological health. Empower yourself even more, step even more into your true potential. Usual price: SGD 210 (save up to $160!)
[PREMIUM] - Awenydd Shamanic Self-Healing | Katherine Creuynni

Time & Location

Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May
ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

About the Event

Please allow 60-90 minutes for your session, and a private space where you can sit, lay down and stand If you can bring a handheld stone or shell or other natural object to work with, that would be great.   

We work together online as if we are together in person, so we need to make sure we can hear eachother well. We work together, with myself as a guide, support and assistant, and any work is done with informed consent.   

The session is tailored to you, the core process is illumination, with additional techniques brought in when called for. https://openingsacredspace.wordpress.com/the-process-of-illumination/  

For more information, reviews and more you can google or search Creuynni for reviews and references and more about me. Youtube videos can also be found by searching Creuynni to find out more about my story and the work I do.  




More about Katherine: www.creuynni.com

DURATION: 90 mins



Get this as an Add-on to your festival ticket for a cheaper price (SGD 50). If you haven't registered, you can REGISTER HERE.

Otherwise, you can also get your festival ticket first, and book a private session later (SGD 70) via this link.

Timing options (in UTC):

Thu 27 May, 3-5pm UTC

Sun 30 May, 10am-1pm UTC

Timing options (in facilitator's local time - British Standard time [GMT+1]):

Thu 27 May, 4-6pm BST

Sun 30 May, 11am-2pm BST

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