Thu 27 May ONLY | ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

[PREMIUM] - Heart Medicine for Two | Katrina Vaillancourt

Facilitated conflict mediation using the Compassionate Communication model. Renew compassion, understanding, love, and workability. Usual price: SGD 350 (save up to $300!)
[PREMIUM] - Heart Medicine for Two | Katrina Vaillancourt

Time & Location

Thu 27 May ONLY
ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

About the Event

Sometimes despite our best efforts, we fall into patterns of disconnect with the people who are most important to us. The key to re-connection is to seek to deeply and fully build compassionate understanding with each other. This session with help you break through triggers, aversions, tendencies towards conflict escalation, and other habits that could undermine connection, and return to mutual understanding, love, respect, care, compassion, cooperation, and the sweetness of true abiding friendship, lover and/or partnership.

More about Katrina: https://www.lovesmartcards.com/katrina-vaillancourt

DURATION: 90 mins


Get this as an Add-on to your festival ticket for a cheaper price (SGD 50). If you haven't registered, you can REGISTER HERE.

Otherwise, you can also get your festival ticket first, and book a private session later (SGD 70) via this link.

Timing options (in UTC):

Thu 27 May, 4-7pm UTC

Thu 27 May, 8pm-midnight UTC

Timing options (in facilitator's local time - Pacific Daylight time [GMT-7]):

Thu 27 May, 9am-noon PDT

Thu 27 May, 1-5pm PDT

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