Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May | ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

[PREMIUM] - Path Identification | Phoenix

What are you here to do? Let's get you there. Usual price: SGD 270 (save up to $220!)
[PREMIUM] - Path Identification | Phoenix

Time & Location

Thu 27 May or Sun 30 May
ALCHEMY - Private Sessions

About the Event

Of the many gifts with which I am blessed, the one I find super interesting is the ability to know your highest path. That is, I can tell you what you do to have the highest (positive) impact on the planet...and of course mankind and the Universe.  ​ 

Now, whether you choose to follow that option is up to you, but I can tell you what it is. I can also help you get started in figuring out how to DO that special thing. But the cool part is seeing what that is. I've identified many healers, I've met people meant to write musicals, produce documentaries, change the way we handle mental issues ("illness"), connect mankind the way mycelium connects mushrooms...there are many ways my clients are meant to help the world, and all in a really big way.   

The first thing I do is get a reading on what's going on for you. Some people articulate that really well, others need some help. I can get into you head and see what I'm getting, then run that by you and see how it resonates. I also might read some cards (which is great for people who are visual) or I might look at something that is not working in your life (like when you have pain) and start dealing with that first. Once we get that initial question - what do you need?? I start to broaden it into - WHY is this going on for you NOW? And how do we get you into a place that your Being wants? 

That's when we start shifting things around. Maybe you have beliefs that fail to work for you, maybe there is a memory that is causing toxicity and needs removing/resolving,...it varies. But I keep going until your Being is ready to stop (which is when things suddenly go quiet and there is, literally, nothing more to do). ​ 

It's great stuff.

More about Phoenix: https://www.phoenixhealingfire.com

DURATION: 60 mins


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Timing options (in UTC):

Thu 27 May, 3-7pm UTC & 8pm-midnight UTC

Sun 30 May, 5pm UTC - Mon 31 May, 1am UTC

Timing options (in facilitator's local time - Eastern Daylight time [GMT-4]):

Thu 27 May, 11am-3pm EDT & 4-8pm EDT

Sun 30 May, 1-9pm EDT

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