To manifest and birth a new Earth, one where Change, Death, and the Unknown are not feared, but embraced as natural, inevitable aspects of the human experience.


To organise events and activities that encourage Transformation at all levels: 

Thought, Speech, and Action.

To promote and encourage Creativity, Collaboration, and Community as avenues for

personal and collective growth, healing, and transformation.

To build a Community of Creators, Thinkers, and Healers, to empower these individuals, and to channel their gifts to those who need them.


Create More, Consume Less

We believe that quality of life is directly correlated to how much we Create vs how much we Consume. As such, we seek to empower and promote Creatorship, and heal our addiction to Consumerism.

Follow the Discomfort

We seek to transform the way we perceive Pain, Discomfort, and Suffering, such that they're not feared, but instead honoured as opportunities to Grow and Heal.

Honesty, Authenticity, and Vulnerability

We seek to encourage open, honest, heartfelt communication, as well as radical free expression, in order to foster deeper bonds and a sense of true Connectedness.

Unity in Diversity

We seek to honour and celebrate differences, to enable different ideas, world-views, and beliefs to coexist without invalidating each other, for it is in diversity that we thrive.

Giving is Receiving

We seek to encourage the act of giving from a place of joy and abundance, rather than sacrifice, to shift public mentality from a mindset of Scarcity to one of Abundance.