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Birthing Butterflies, One Cocoon at a Time

upcoming events

To join our regular Shadow Work Sunday sharing circles, click the image below and sign up for our mailing list :)

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The Core Team

These are the primary drivers and decision makers behind the project, who take care of the social media, marketing, business, and management aspects of the organisation. It's a very organic, fluid template based on love and joy, everyone is only asked to give whatever excites them to give, and in that effortless way we try to utilise whatever comes to us naturally, to complement the team as a whole.


 Most of the core team also participate in the events as artists and performers, and chose to commit additional time into the back-end work that makes our events possible. Click on any of the images for more info.


"Embracing the Shadow"

Project Artists

These are the artists presently involved in our "Embracing the Shadow" series. They are spread across the different regions (A, B, and C) and you are likely to encounter a unique combination of these artists at each of our events!

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Project Artists

Below are the people who were part of our "Metamorphoses"-themed series of events in May 2020. You might see some of them popping up during our current series, "Embracing the Shadow"!