how it started

"Metamorfosize" was founded by Valencia Selestina in May 2020, in response to the massive upheaval caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. In a time of such drastic changes, she felt called to gather fellow artists, thinkers, and healers from across the globe to co-create an online experience dedicated to the subject of Metamorphoses, to address and heal the collective wounds and fears surrounding Change, Death, and the Unknown.

Within just 1 month, she managed to gather more than 20 co-creators spanning 5 timezones and a wide array of talents, as you can see here. Some were old friends of Valencia's, others were total strangers.


The original plan to have just an online concert expanded to include healing workshops and activities for the entire week leading up to the concert, which featured diverse interpretations of Metamorphoses by artists from Berlin, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, and more. 


We pushed through the boundaries and limitations that came with doing a Zoom concert, and created something very novel at the time for everyone involved: an online concert that did not merely showcase different artists individually, but had them collaborating across timezones and distances...all done live! (no pre-recordings)

To make this happen, the 20+ artists involved had to commit to concert rehearsals at odd hours, because the timezones ranged from California to Singapore (15 hours apart!). Some of us had to wake up as early as 7am, others had to stay up until midnight. Some of the performance pieces were collaborations between artists who live in vastly different timezones, who did not know each other before this project, and never met each other in real life.


Through the course of 2-3 weeks, this collection of near-strangers became like a family, and when the concert ended, we felt as though we had just completed a real concert, on a real stage. The anticipation of waiting backstage, the rush of performing live, the bond forged between performers; we did not expect to be able to replicate this in an online concert experience, but we did...and we want more!

what's next

Immediately after the completion of the "Metamorfosize" series in May 2020, Valencia returned to her home country of Indonesia and has been there ever since, a drastic change from her usual nomadic lifestyle (she has not been in one place for more than 6 months at a time since 2015). Nonetheless, this newfound stability and lack of external distractions gave her the time and focus she needed to dedicate her energy to the Metamorfosize Project.

Although she never intended for "Metamorfosize" to be anything more than a one-off event, the response from both audience members and participants have shown that this work is important. The widespread addiction to stability, security, and safety, borne from centuries of conditioning that has taught us to fear and demonise Change cannot be undone overnight. Therefore, despite her resistance to becoming a 'leader' of anything, and these newfound responsibilities, she continued to create events and collaborations through the Metamorfosize Project until today.

Since the conception of the Metamorfosize Project, various people have come and gone, but Valencia has consistently maintained the role of artistic director and lead project manager for all the offerings provided by the Metamorfosize Project, with the support of an ever-growing Core Team who strongly aligns with the project and wishes to lend their expertise to the cause.

Between July and December 2020, she tried and experimented with various event formats (Artist Living Room, "Embracing-the-Shadow"-themed Immersive Art experiences, etc) until SOULstice came along in December 2020. The SOUlstice format has become the basic framework of our new monthly offering, Dreamers' Lab, and she now focuses on just two primary types of offerings: Dreamers' Lab and Shadow Work Sunday.

These will likely continue to evolve as more technologies become available and circumstances change. Valencia also plans to start a series of podcasts centered around building the New Earth, with various community members as guest speakers. Stay tuned for those!