rooms information

There are a number of spaces within Dreamers' Lab with different types of activities offered within. Some are populated with workshops and performances, others are unregulated spaces for your own use. Most of them are breakout rooms within the Dreamers' Lab Zoom Call, and you will see these breakout rooms named as described below, all based on the theme "Rebirth" :)

This is where you will find Performances and Art Showcases of all sorts, from music, to dance, to visual arts, to ventriloquy, and more! All of it will happen on either of the two Stages: Flow Stage and Flowering Stage.

On our Schedule, all the activities that are indicated as taking place in "REBIRTH - Stage" will be happening here.

Here you will find workshops and discussions on various topics from Hypnotherapy to Relationships to Palmistry, as well as guided meditations. These will take place in either the Growth Garden or the Gestation Garden.

On our Schedule, all the activities that are indicated as taking place in "REBIRTH - Garden" will be happening here.

This is a sacred space for healing, sound journeys, contemplation, and other reflective endeavors :) We have organized 4 specific blocks of timings in which the Temple is open, where you will have sound artists and guided meditation facilitators leading various transcendental experiences. You are welcome to bring your art, your voice, and your music into the space and co-create with the facilitators :)

On our Schedule, look for Metamorphogenetic Temple to find out times in which the Temple will be open, and who will be guiding those particular sessions :)

One of our collaborators for Dreamers' Lab is Urban Playa, a Barcelona-based Burning Man community founded by Jaime Edelis (Barcelonina). They have been doing monthly online events for the past several months, and decided to team up with the Metamorfosize Project for the second time now (first time was SOULstice). They are offering a space within Dreamers' Lab that is governed by the Burning Man principles, which you can read more about here.

Their offerings range from self-empowerment workshops to dance parties and more! These events' locations are listed as "REBIRTH - Urban Playa" on the schedule, and on the day itself you will find them in Burner Babies 1 & 2 :)

Some of Urban Playa's offerings need to take place in a separate Zoom call due to them requiring to use Breakout Rooms for their activity, or needing to close off the room beyond a certain point. These events' locations are listed as "REBIRTH - Urban Playa 2" on the schedule.

If you plan to attend one of these activities, make sure you arrive at least 15 mins early to the main Dreamers' Lab Zoom Room, from which you will be directed to this external space by our Receptionists.

Another one of our collaborators for this event is Hug Nation, founded by John Styn (Halcyon). Their most notable offering is the twice-daily Gratitude Circles, which you will get to experience as part of Dreamers' Lab: REBIRTH, as well as some other offerings by their community members.

You'll find these listed under "REBIRTH - Hug Nation" on the Schedule, and on the day itself you will find them happening in the Hug Nation Nursery :)

Last but not least, we have Co-Reality Collective as our third collaborator for this event, an online community known for their amazing parties! They are bringing in plenty of fun, immersive theatre, and other magical goodness into the space, for which we are very grateful :)

Their offerings are listed under "REBIRTH - CRC" on the Schedule, and on the day itself you will find them happening in the Co-Reality Crib 1 & 2 :)

This is a special off-Zoom space using the platform named Spatial Chat, where we will be hosting a few special events as part of Dreamers' Lab: REBIRTH. This space is created and managed by Pearl, who is part of Co-Reality Collective. We highly recommend checking out this space for a novel video-chat experience that is quite different from Zoom!

The events taking place here are listed under "REBIRTH - Pearl's Place" on the Schedule. Our Receptionists will be able to direct you here from the main Dreamers' Lab Zoom call :)

If you have any other questions that we have not addressed in this page, feel free to email us at metamorfosize@gmail.com.

If you have yet to register, make sure you do so through the button below. We look forward to co-creating Dreamers' Lab with you!