event schedule (spreadsheet)

For those of you who would like to see the Schedule in Spreadsheet format, we have this available both as a Google Sheet link as well as downloadable PDFs :)


Unlike the LIST and GRID schedules, the Spreadsheet is not a 'live' schedule, but it does give you a good overview of the events happening simultaneously, and we have also created versions of the sheet in different time zones, for your ease and convenience!

IMPORTANT - You need a password to access the Dreamers' Lab Zoom Room. Make sure you get your password by registering below:

Watch out for our special SHOW & JAM! segments, which happen 3 times throughout the 24 hours of Dreamers' Lab: REBIRTH and are the highlights of the weekend.

Each SHOW & JAM! session will feature special artists and performers, and a BIRTHDAY celebration for all the January babies out there! So if you are a January baby, you wouldn't want to miss this :)

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Here you can access the Google spreadsheet which shows all the events taking place during Dreamers' Lab: REBIRTH, in table form. We have created separate tabs for numerous time zones so you can see the schedule in your local time, to make it easier for you to navigate and plan :)

We have also color-coded various events depending on the category they belong under, in case you are interested in a specific type of offering. Each event is hyperlinked to the Calendar landing page for each event, from which you can add that specific event to your calendar :) Check it out below:

For those of you who prefer doing things the old-school way, we have created Printable PDFs that you can use to highlight your favorite events and plan out your Dreamers' Lab: REBIRTH experience!

This is available in select time zones - pick the one closest to you and convert accordingly :) 

If you have any other questions that we have not addressed in this page, feel free to email us at metamorfosize@gmail.com.

If you have yet to register, make sure you do so through the button below. We look forward to co-creating Dreamers' Lab with you!