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As the collective consciousness continues to evolve at a rapid pace, there is a growing interest in the subject of Shadow Work, a term coined by Carl Jung to describe the "unconscious" aspects of our personality.

"After my own personal experience with Shadow Work, and witnessing how powerful and transformative it was in unlocking my creative potential, I decided to initiate the Shadow Work Sunday series with a small group of fellow Shadow Work enthusiasts.

"The intention is to create a consistent space where people can exchange their knowledge and experience with Shadow Work, and assist each other as we heal and grow. Ultimately, I envision this to become a community of learners who are willing to dive deep into their own psyches, be completely honest and authentic with themselves and others, and embrace themselves in their beautiful imperfections and totality." - Valencia Selestina

Now we have added an additional session on Fridays to accommodate those who cannot make it in the weekends! Kindly note that we have amended the session timings to accommodate the Daylight Savings time shift :)

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