show & jam!

Each Dreamers' Lab event will feature 3 "Show & Jam!" segments, which represent the highlights of the 24-hour festival. Outside of "Show & Jam!", the event offers multiple choices of activities across various breakout rooms, but all of that is paused during each "Show & Jam!" segment, to position them as "main stage" experiences that are shared by all who happen to visit the space during those times.

Every "Show & Jam!" segment consists of the following 3 components:

Special Performances
Art, Dance, and Music (Open) Jam
Connection Circle

Read on to find out more about each component, and to find out when "Show & Jam!" sessions are scheduled, so you can plan around them :)

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special performances

Every "Show & Jam!" segment will begin and end with short, special performances by featured international artists. When the event schedule becomes available, you will get to check out the special guest performers in each "Show & Jam!".

Often times, these performances will be interdisciplinary collaborations between different types of creators: dancers with poets, musicians with painters, etc. We seek to blur the lines between these different art forms, and birth new types of creations.

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open jam

The bulk of "Show & Jam!" is our special live, open jam sessions, which are essentially co-creative performance art experiences where everyone is invited to express their Creative side, no matter what form it may be.

We believe it is important to create a space for polished, prepared works of art (the featured performances), while also providing a space for artists and non-artists alike to play together in an unchoreographed, improvisational manner. The magic that happens when we allow for spontaneity to be expressed and for creative risks to be taken is something that cannot be manufactured, and is invaluably precious.

We've had people sing, make music, paint, dance, read poetry, showcase jewelry design, and more during past Open Jam sessions, often leading to spontaneous collaborations between friends and strangers alike. The point here is not to create perfection, but to engage in the act of creating itself :)

Check out this short video below to see a snippet of one of our past jams:

Those who attended past Open Jams have typically remarked that these jams were the closest to a "live event" that they had ever experienced from a virtual event. It is the kind of magic that must be experienced to be understood, so if you have never been to these Open Jams, don't miss the next one!

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connection circle

Every Show and Jam segment ends off with a Connection Circle, where those present will be invited to share thoughts, reflections and feelings from having experienced the Jam and performances offered. Depending on who is facilitating the circle, this can take on many different flavors, but the basic intention is to have space for human interaction, for people to feel heard and seen :)

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To facilitate maximum accessibility across all regions of the world, our "Show & Jam!" segments begin at the following times:



  1700 / 5pm Singapore ( UTC+8 )  

1000 / 10am  London

1400 / 2pm  Dubai

1900 / 7pm  Melbourne



  1800 / 6pm London ( UTC+0 )  

1000 / 10am  San Francisco

1400 / 2pm     Buenos Aires

1900 / 7pm     Johannesburg



  1800 / 6pm San Francisco ( UTC-7 )  

2100 / 9pm  New York

0900 / 9am  Singapore (+1)

1300 / 1pm  Auckland (+1)

Each session is expected to be approx 90 minutes long.

To convert these timings to your local timezone, click here.

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