open stage

During the 2nd half of SOULstice, we will dedicate one Breakout Room to be an OPEN STAGE, where anyone may present a performance, do some live painting, offer a healing session, draw some tarot cards, or any other gift you wish to give :)

This space is intended to enable spontaneous expressions of creativity, to empower everyone to embrace their inner Creator, and to allow Gifts to be shared and received. Try something new. Take a risk. Experiment.

Who knows, other people might join your, and you might suddenly find yourself in the middle of a massive jam session! :D

The OPEN STAGE will run for 25 hours:

Sun 20 Dec, 5am UK - Mon 21 Dec, 6am UK.

You have the option to simply WALK IN on the day itself and see if the space is available, or you can RESERVE a time slot or two on the sign-up sheet below.

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